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***Please review disclaimer tab below before placing your order***

HydroBasin isn't like any other reminder to drink water.  Apps simply buzz and vibrate to tell you to drink more water but aren't able to actually tell if you did.  This leads to us simply silencing the reminder and never drinking any water!

HydroBasin weighs your glass every time you pick it up so that it can actually keep track of how much water you're really drinking.  As you fall behind throughout the day the ring around HydroBasin will start to glow brighter and brighter.  Take a sip of water and the light will dim.

Contrary to popular myths about how much water we should be drinking, everyone's water consumption needs are different.  For this reason HydroBasin can be changed to meet your needs.  Set HydroBasin to help you consume between 1oz and 8oz per hour.

HydroBasin is crafted from real hard wood and every single one is unique!  Each one is sanded and finished by hand right here in the US and features a solid aluminum base with a cork bottom.  No cheap plastic electronics here!  HydroBasin will feel at home in any home or office! 

USB Not Included

In an effort to reduce waist we've designed HydroBasin to utalize all those outdated microUSB cables you have tucked away in your drawers. But if you still need one just add one to your card at checkout!

Maximum Weight

HydroBasin can support up to 2kg (~4.5lbs) Meaning your favorite Nalgene and HydroFlask are perfect!


HydroBasin comes with a full 1 year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.


Product weight: 12oz

Voltage/Amperage Requirements: 5v/2amps. AC power adapter highly recommended.

HydroBasin is not liable for any damage to any electronic device it is plugged into.

Max waterbottle weight: 2kg


Wood Grain: Because we use real wood in our products the actual grain pattern you recieve will not be the same as the one pictured. Every HydroBasin is unique and we cannot accept returns or exchanges for those desiring a different grain pattern. If you are concerned about the pattern please reach out to us before making your purchase and we can arrange to photograph one to ensure you're happy with your purchase!

Medical warning: Although our goal is for HydroBasin to track your water consumption as accurately as possible HydroBasin should not be used to track consuption for the purpose of mecical requirements.

Warranty: Hydrobasin comes with a 1 year warranty covering any manufacturing defects.

Returns: Returns are not accepted.