Quick Start Guide
  1. When you first plug your Hydrobasin in you will see the LED’s pulse white to let you know it’s ready for you to set a glass full of water on it for the first time.
  2. Hydrobasin will weigh your glass and you’re ready to go!
  3. The LED’s on your Hydrobasin will slowly get brighter as you fall behind on your water intake.
  4. Lift your glass and take a sip of water and place it back on the Hydrobasin.
  5. The light will dim after it calculates the difference
  6. By default Hydrobasin is set to keep you on track drinking 4oz of water per hour.  
  7. This can be changed by following the directions below
  8. In the morning if you have left HydroBasin powered on you will find that you are very far behind on your water intake.  
  9. Simply lift your Hydrobasin up by grabbing the wood top.  Hold it until the light turns blue and then quickly set it back down.
  10. HydroBasin will reset
  11. Wait for the LED ring to flash white indicating it is ready for you to set a glass down
  12. You're now ready for another day of staying hydrated!


Changing Your Water Intake Goals

  1. By default your Hydrobasin is set to help you consume 4oz of water per hour
  2. To change this simply lift your Hydrobasin up by the wood top and hold it.  The light will first turn blue, then it will show only one blue LED.
  3. Set your Hydrobasin down
  4. Your Hydrobasin will now start by display 8 blue LEDs.  Each of these LEDs signifies 1oz of water. *Example* If only 3 LEDs are lit, your Hydrobasin will be set to help you consume 3oz of water per hour
  5. Hydrobasin will slowly count down from 8 blue LEDs to 1 blue LED  
  6. When Hydrobasin is displaying the number of ounces you wish to consume per hour pick Hydrobasin back up by the wood top until the full ring of LEDs once again lights up blue
  7. Now set it back down once again
  8. Hydrobasin will reset and save the new settings for future use
  9. If you hold Hydrobasin for too long and the ring of light turns yellow do not worry.  This is a calibration mode we use at home base.  Simply unplug Hydrobasin and plug it back in.